Back to School

Alot has changed over the past summer leading in to the school year. It's really cool to see Jesus not only working in my life but all the areas that surround it, my family, church, friends, WKU campus and most importantly my best friend.

Anyways this is just a quick update because I have not blogged in a long time, to let you know that everything is Working together for my good! and its because of my relationship with Jesus!

Be encouraged people.. there is nothing that he cannot do.

More to come I promise!


Let my Culture Be Jesus

I am getting ready for my last year of college. God has done such an amazing job with me this summer preparing me to be the man of God he has called me to be. My heart's desire is that people would see the Jesus in Me.

I can not wait to be bold about my Savior this year in Kentucky. Someone told me today that I have to be sooo obsessed with Jesus and obsessed with my vision. Im obsessed with the fact that i want to be like Jesus. I want to have a heart like his. I want to love how he loved. I want to preach like he preached. Fearless. I want to heal how he healed. I want to be so radical for Jesus this year at school that it literally consumes my every thought.

How can I do this? Well... Two things.

1)Burning in Love with Jesus. The fire that Moses and Aaron had.

2) Take the incense with me where ever I go. What is that incense? PRAYER
My prayer life will be the incense that keeps the fire going.

Jesus be my culture so that one day this nation will be a Jesus Culture!


GOD is ruler over my life. I am so amazed by Jesus and his awsome presence. God continue to poor your holy spirit over my life.

This weekend was truly AMAZING. I cannot begin to tell you the things that went on. Everything just seemed to fall into place. All honor and glory to Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we dont understand why we are put through things and why things turn out the way they do but I dont think its always meant for us to understand. Our God is faithful and will do according to his will. It is our job for us to submit to his plan.

Because I only got one life to live and obeying God is how i am going to Live it!

1L2L 2009 POEM

Beating to the sound of triumph my heart beats boldly before a blessing
Bracing backwards before confessing
That this life has a call.
Like hawks hovering humonges hopeless hills searching for prey
This heart hopes healing Hayward never letting souls go astray every day.
So I ask you this day what is your call
You come from a family, a city, relationship and are equip to flip that setting upside down. For it is said you were knit in your mothers womb, He the most high created your innermost being Psalm 139:13
You are existing because
He designed you, and put you in a place for a reason. 
This is your season to unleash the leadership to break through walls, make them crumble helping those around you move forward without the stumble.
Like lions we lead the pack. Letting leadership let loose like whip cracks
So like jim crow laws, lets take back the name of Jesus and shout it from the mountain tops
Like the famers go to your city’s plant the seeds and mound the crops
Plant the seeds on the good soil for he who does is the man who hears the word and understands He produces a crop, yielding a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown."
It is your very own choice to live the life you live


I went to an open mic at Lil' Redz last WED. It was tight. I really felt Gods presence move while I was on stage. John (my roomate) and I took second place! Thank you Jesus!

a 7th place in the country is a Place above the rest!

Ham on Easter Sunday

Swimmin with the fishes